It’s time for us to stop calling games “indie”

You can read the rest of the article here, but let’s deal with some strawpeople. 

"Because we no longer use the term “‘indie games"’ does not mean that we are no longer interested in "indie games." I’d like to believe if I’d published this before our High Scores last year, the results would be identical. Our favorite game designers big and small remain unaffected. This is a linguistic adjustment, not a critical one.


"We bear no ill-will towards those that carry on the flame for ‘indie.’" I recognize this term is incredibly useful for game designers to fly as a sigil to rally behind. This happens at places like Indiecade and we applaud such efforts. If “indie” continues to be useful for advocates and game makers, that’s excellent. But as we are critics, not creators, our obligations and concerns are not the same.


"It doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s still indie to me." No argument there! We’re not attempting to impose our sanction anywhere except our own site. This serves as a challenge to our writers and critics to invent new ways to explore games, rather than lean on old ones.


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