Did you order an Oculus Rift development kit? Well, you’re in luck because this week over 10,000 Oculus Rift Development Kit 2s are shipping out. These 10,000 units represent the first shipment of DK2s which are part of a larger 45,000 unit roll out.

Will motion sickness in virtual reality be a thing of the (recent) past?

In his new book, A History of the Future in 100 Objects, Hon explores the past of our future gradually, simultaneously advancing current technologies to occasionally nightmarish ends and questioning the directions of such advancements. He is not interested in the grand mysticism of 2001, instead, he has worked to craft a history via deduction, taking a “hundred snapshots across a century, each one examining a single object from a single time in detail. Who made it, where it came from, what it means, and how it transforms the world.”

Adrian Hon envisions our design future, one object at a time

"It takes some getting used to. Your car is tuned to over-steer and loses traction at almost any turn. It’s like trying to hold onto a wet bar of soap. So, yes, your first several minutes are dedicated to mastering the act of graceful chaos."

The blissful, screeching pleasure of Absolute Drift

"Lovely Planet is the speed shooter of my dreams, and it can be yours, too, from July 31st onwards. Its no-reticule aiming demands the pre-emptive precision of a top Quake player charging through its heart-daisy world. You can’t aim shots, and guessing them is sloppy, so you feel them, relying on invisible trigonometric connections between your eyes, hands, and the screen.”

Lovely Planet blossoms on July 31st. It’s so kawaii.

"I don’t really play MMORPGs, but they’ve always been there to flirt with. When I was younger I daydreamed about World of Warcraft, and its millions of customization options, and of being a beautiful and deadly elf maiden with powers untold. What young girl obsessed with fantasy novels didn’t have that dream? But I never committed, and Wildstar, too, flew way under my radar.

So far under, in fact, that I had no idea it was even a thing”

Exploring the defiantly cheesy expanses of Wildstar

"Consider that turn of phrase for a second. Post-human means that man is the apocalypse. And besides, Kevin Maxon says it’s time for new language. “I stopped using the word post-apocalyptic because it gave the wrong message,” he said. “There are literally no humans to interact with in Eidolon.”

Eidolon imagines a life long after the end of man

"The everlasting image of a chunky rocket plunged into the eye socket of the Man in the Moon in Georges Méliès’s 1902 silent film "Un voyage dans la lune" is iconic, even today. As with H.G. Wells’s highly similar 1901 novel "The First Men in the Moon", it epitomizes turn-of-the-century science fiction.

In both stories, men travel to the moon without oxygen masks and space suits. It seems folly today, but over a hundred years ago that kind of safety precaution was an unfathomable component for space travel.

Canadian game designer Nicolas Barrière-Kucharski describes both of these fictions as having a magical quality, an “irrefutable charm” that belongs to the era they were created in. It’s their naiveté that Nicolas and the rest of the small team at Montréal-based studio Double Stallion is hoping to capture in the animated 2D space adventures of Luna.”

Luna revisits early animation to play with camera tricks