"The everlasting image of a chunky rocket plunged into the eye socket of the Man in the Moon in Georges Méliès’s 1902 silent film "Un voyage dans la lune" is iconic, even today. As with H.G. Wells’s highly similar 1901 novel "The First Men in the Moon", it epitomizes turn-of-the-century science fiction.

In both stories, men travel to the moon without oxygen masks and space suits. It seems folly today, but over a hundred years ago that kind of safety precaution was an unfathomable component for space travel.

Canadian game designer Nicolas Barrière-Kucharski describes both of these fictions as having a magical quality, an “irrefutable charm” that belongs to the era they were created in. It’s their naiveté that Nicolas and the rest of the small team at Montréal-based studio Double Stallion is hoping to capture in the animated 2D space adventures of Luna.”

Luna revisits early animation to play with camera tricks

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  1. Highcastle Studios’ Point Perfect
  2. The Incredible Company’s Alcazar
  3. Jakub Juszczak’s Prisoned

"My life was being told back to me as part of a fiction, as if it was a lie, and I would suddenly awaken from a 25-year-long dream. Perhaps it wasn’t just a scary coincidence."

Three Fourths Home drives us into the eye of a storm