"My life was being told back to me as part of a fiction, as if it was a lie, and I would suddenly awaken from a 25-year-long dream. Perhaps it wasn’t just a scary coincidence."

Three Fourths Home drives us into the eye of a storm

"There’s a lot virtual reality can contribute to the growth of digital art, not the least of which is the exploration of impossible environments. Optical illusions and impossible spaces helped shape art, from Brunelleschi’s implementation of geometrical perspective to Escher’s staircases. Interactive illustrator and game designer Daniel Ernst’s ongoing series,The Shoebox Diorama, seems like a first dip into the possibility of surrealism in VR.

Described by Ernst as “fantastical dioramas for the Oculus Rift,” the series features two set-pieces so far.”

How virtual reality could take surrealism to the next level

"Unlike Western chess, many of these Asian games are hardly known outside of their region, but artist Nova Jiang wants to change that. ForOrthogonal/Diagonal, an exhibition at Enjoy Public Art Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand, she treats each version of chess as varietal of the same ancient system. The catch is that she’s 3D printed the pieces for games like Thailand’s Makruk, Mongolia’s Shatar, and her home country of China’s Xiangqi.”

Chinese artist places regional chess variants in a 3D-printed context.